After doing a nationwide search, MSU Denver chose Salvage Advertising to help them re-brand, re-think and re-energize MSU advertising. The brand was not connecting with their target audience in a way that reflected who they really are. A vibrant university located smack dab in the middle of the busy and active downtown Denver area.
This first campaign out of the shoot was an OOH called "Hop on the Brain Train," executed on all of the light rail trains heading in and out of the Denver area. Once you board the train, we have interactive trivia questions about the courses offered at the University. They are linked to a landing page that links the viewer to the course description and the correct answer.

We also used guerrilla tactics like pizza delivery boxes, "graffiti" artwork, cup wrappers and coasters to local restaurants that asked the same questions. We will be able to track hits to the landing page as a way to show consumer interest in the campaign. Over the course of the 3-month flight, we had over 1K hits to the website. These potential students loved the engagement that the out-of-home offered with the trivia questions and had repeat visitors as well. These were outstanding numbers considering out-of-home is not typically used to drive website traffic.